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Sensei’s Contemplations, Musings, and Poems

       What is Mediumship?

Spiritual Mediumship is the practice of connecting with Loved ones who are in spirit. Communicating evidential information, and messages from those who have transitioned from physical form to spirit form for the purpose of bringing comfort and reassurance, Loved Ones still live on and are connected with us through Love.


       I Am The Universe

In cosmic tapestry, threads entwine,

“I am the Universe,” whispers divine.

Fractal expressions, patterns repeat,

One consciousness flows, from sky to feet.


A harmonious whole, interconnected dance,

Every part weaves its intricate trance.

From macro to micro, unity thrives,

Essence shared, where existence derives.


Like Yin and Yang, opposites embrace,

Interwoven in life’s boundless space.

Observer and observed, lines blur and blend,

In oneness we dwell, no beginning, no end.


Awareness blooms, a self-aware sea,

Consciousness blossoms in you and me.

Through many forms, it seeks to explore,

The vast cosmic canvas, forevermore.


Each life a note in the universal song,

Together we sing, forever belong.

In this grand symphony, we find our place,

A reminder of unity, cosmic embrace.



   Mediumship forging by fire

In realms unseen, where spirits play

Mediumship’s art finds its way.

A practice forged in fires bright,

Like swords of old, in the blacksmith’s light.

Folded steel, a thousand times,

Impurities burned, like distant chimes.

Through trials and flames, the ego molds,

As secrets of spirit slowly unfolds.

Like samurai sword, honed keen and true,

Mediums refine, as insights they constru.

Ego’s crucible, a blazing pyre,

Transcending self, reaching higher.

Whispers of spirits, in twilight’s grace,

Revealing glimpses of another space.

In harmony with energies, messages flow,

Dancing in realms where mysteries grow.

With every connection, a piece of the whole,

A symphony of spirits, heart and soul.

Mediumship’s fire, a forge of the mind,

A sacred path, in harmony with Love divined.

So let the flames of insight burn,

As mediums with spirit tendrils churn.

Forging ego’s path, through shadows and light,

In the mystical realms, where day turns to night.

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   Beginners Mind

Once, a university professor went to visit a well-respected Zen Master to learn about Zen. The Master first invited him to sit for a cup of tea. The professor sat down and started talking about Zen. The Master quietly prepared and poured the tea. When the tea was filled to the cup’s brim, he kept pouring. The professor watched the overflowing cup until he could no longer restrain himself. “It’s full! No more will go in!” blurted the professor. “The same with your mind. How can I teach you Zen unless you first empty your cup?”


The concept of “emptying your cup” emphasizes the importance of active listening, mindfulness, and a willingness to let go of what we think we know. It encourages a constant process of self-awareness and self-improvement, as we create space for new insights, ideas, and wisdom to take root and flourish.

The story serves as a powerful reminder that to truly learn, grow, and connect, we must approach life with an a beginner’s mind, a childlike receptivity and curiosity, a receptive mindset, ready to empty our cup of preconceptions and biases in order to make way for new understandings and enlightenment.