tammy lee anderson from healing wellness - spiritual medium


Interview by Suzanne Giesemann 

Suzanne Proclaimed this interview of Tammy Lee Anderson  ” In the top 5 interviews she has ever done!! ”  WOW !!

Tammy’s First-Ever YouTube Interview with Rev. Bill McDonald : Her Story


“Love manifests and heals through your voice”, this statement by my dear friend, healer, medium, Aikido master Tammy Lee Anderson opens up a plethora of sublime ideas, that are experienced and shared by this amazing soul… in this video.
I have had the privilege of meeting this beautiful soul and listening to her calm voice and experiencing her peaceful presence.
I was lucky to witness an entire pond of Lotus bloom overnight heeding her silent request…this is a video that will touch many chords.”

~ Anuradha Gajaraj-Lopez (Author Agastya, The Path)

Receiving the Best out of your session

“Forget the bells that ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack,
a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in”

~ the “Anthem” Leonard Cohen