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Tammy Lee Anderson

Tammy Lee’s academic journey is closely intertwined with her spiritual journey, influenced by near-death experiences, extended time in monastic communities, and martial arts training. Experiencing three near-death experiences, two at under a year old and another at twenty-three, ignited a profound curiosity about life’s mysteries and the unseen realms. These encounters prompted her to explore spirituality and dedicate her life to service and healing.

Tammy Lee Anderson of healing wellness
spiritual healing

At the age of 17, Tammy’s friendship with a priest gifted in healing exposed her to the world of spiritual healing. She became aware of her own healing and spiritual mediumship abilities after witnessing thousands of healings. However, it would be many years before she fully embraced this path. Instead, she sought to explore religious life and deepening her connection through prayer, drawing inspiration from mystics like Thomas Merton, Br. Roger of Taize, St. John of the Cross, Thich Nhat Hahn, the Dalai Lama and many more.

Her journey led to a Benedictine Monastery hermitage, where she spent a year in the quiet silence of the desert, delving into prayer and contemplative practices. Afterward, she pursued academic studies in Theology and Philosophy, broadening her understanding of diverse religious perspectives. Following her studies, she immersed herself in various U.S. and European religious communities, delving into comparative religious studies. Her exploration encompassed meditation practices like Zen Meditation and Vipassana.

zen Meditation
physical healing practices
Her travels extended to exploring shamanic and native healing traditions in Peru and California, encompassing both spiritual and physical healing practices. Tammy integrated her spiritual pursuits with her martial arts training in Aikido, which emphasizes the path of least resistance, internal power, harmony, and love. This integration continues to shape her role as a spiritual medium and healer today. Tammy Lee holds a 5th-degree black belt and serves as a teacher/Sensei within the Pacific Aikido Federation.

Her spiritual development and connection to Spirit continue to evolve with guidance from respected mentor, the esteemed Spiritual Medium Eileen Davies, teachings from Spiritual Teacher Suzanne Giesemann, three years and over 600 readings on the VerySoul platform, education at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the U.K., and immersion in the teachings of the Monroe Institute. Her spiritual development and connection to Spirit continue to evolve.

spiritual development and connection to Spirit
self-healing, self-discovery, and personal empowerment
Drawing from her extensive background, she gently guides individuals toward self-healing, self-discovery, and personal empowerment. Her unwavering belief in the power of love underscores her approach fostering transformations, healing, and making meaningful connections with those in Spirit. With humility, compassion, and gentle kindness, Tammy’s life story reflects resilience, a steadfast commitment to spiritual development, and an understanding that life’s challenges offer many opportunities to grow in Love.