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Tammy Lee Anderson

Tammy Lee Anderson is a compassionate professional who shares messages of hope, healing, and love through her offering of Spiritual Mediumship, Distance Healing, and Wellness Counseling. As well she is certified in IADC, Induced After Death Communication, a process to reduce sadness caused by deep grief.  She has been recognized for her healing abilities for well over forty years. Drawing from her extensive background and experience, she guides individuals toward self-healing, self-discovery, and personal empowerment.

Her practice of connecting with those in the unseen world and facilitating healing is built upon a rich life journey and a diverse academic background. Tammy holds two Master’s degrees, one in Marriage and Family Counseling, and another in Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology. Additionally, she possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Theology/Philosophy from Loyola Marymount University. Tammy Lee’s extensive career spans U.S. Air Force service, private practice in Psychotherapy, Rolf Structural Integration-focused Physiotherapy, and roles as a Hospital Chaplain and Counselor for the homeless and those in need. 

tammy lee anderson


spiritual mediumship

Spiritual Mediumship is the practice of connecting with Loved ones who are in spirit, communicating evidential information, and messages from those who have transitioned from physical form to spirit form for the purpose of bringing comfort and reassurance that our Loved Ones are still with us.


distant healing
Tammy Lee Anderson has shared her gifts of healing, both in the US and abroad. Working with all types of conditions, Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Immune System Disorders, Cancer, Depression, Emotional Pain, and more…. with the guidance of Tammy’s spirit helpers, she assists clients in harnessing their own self-healing potential.


spiritual counseling

Wellness Counseling is a collaborative and client-centered approach promoting holistic well-being. The primary focus of wellness counseling is on empowering and supporting client’s unique personal journey: Examples of topics of focus for these sessions:

  •  Navigating through Loss and Grief
  •  Strategies for Living with chronic pain and illness
  •  Facing Death with Dignity and Peace
  •  Strategies for Navigating fear and anxiety
  •  Hypnotherapy
  •  You Choose: any topic of current concern

 “The Love We Share Here Lives On There
Love Never Dies”

Tammy Lee Anderson


“Thank you for this time today. I appreciate you.

She did bring through my grandfather, my friend’s beloved racehorse, and my wife of 11 years. Tammy knew about the cancer. She knew I’d been my wife’s caregiver and that we tried EVERYTHING, even the most obscure treatments. And Tammy knew that my wife didn’t want to leave. SHE DID NOT. She had a big bucket list. She wanted to stay with me. Also, because she first felt my grandfather come through and sketched him, there is a tiny part of me that wishes she could have seen my wife and sketched her. I miss her sweet face. I miss her like crazy.”

Cheryl – USA

Jun 25, 2023


“The session was very emotional

Tammy brought through some strong evidence from my son, including about rivalry with his younger brother and about his passing, the most beautiful thing was not even the evidence it was the sense of peace I felt, I knew in that moment he was there with me and her. This was my first reading. Tammy is so beautiful she has a calming smile and is so spiritual. She is so kind and gentle, she brought so much peace to me. It was a beautiful experience.”

Teresa – Ireland

Apr 23, 2023


“I liked the way she was drawing a picture of the loved one as she was building up the information.

It was my first time doing a reading. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t get to hear about some specific things that I was hoping to be addressed. But I believe that the communication was there and the main theme of our relationship was addressed. It was hard for me to keep the answers to “Yes”, “No”, or “I don’t know.” I had such an urge to tell the medium about my loved one that I wanted to connect, for emotional relief I assume. I hope it didn’t influence the session. The medium reminded me of not telling her more than necessary and that was helpful. Overall, I felt peace during and after the session.”

Jihyun – CAN

Apr 15, 2023


“This was an exceptional experience.

The Medium was highly skilled and spot on. She was very calm when passing the information on to me and what she said to me was specific to my life and my loved ones. There is no way she could have known anything about the details of my life and the session gave me a sense of calmness and joy. Kindness, patience, and accuracy.”

Cheryl – USA

Jun 04, 2023


“She was on point about everything.

Tammy gave me the best experience. This was my first time meeting with a medium and she validated so many things. 2 loved ones came through and it was so meaningful. I value the compassion she had for us. I will definitely try this again! Thank you, Tammy!”

Angie – USA

Jul 02, 2023


“I highly recommend working with Tammy and her generous heart.

This was a wonderful experience. Tammy provided evidence that she had connected with people I knew. Her kind and gentle way, sincerity, and her desire to connect and help.”

Martha – France

Jul 02, 2023


“Simple and accurate

I got very meaningful advice from my loved ones.”

Sanja – Croatia

Apr 17, 2023


“She provided evidence that I was able to verify.

This was my first experience with a medium anywhere. I was pleasantly surprised when some other souls came through with good information. It provided more evidence that my loved one was there. Also, the medium brought up some things that only I knew about. I want to do another session with this medium at another time. She seemed like a very honest and genuine person.”

Manny – USA

Apr 21, 2023


“She is a very gifted medium.

Wonderful medium. Brought forward A LOT of evidential evidence. Great experience.”

Tim – USA

Apr 26, 2023


“Tammy's reading not only changed my life. It saved my life. And gave me a whole new outlook.

I absolutely loved my reading with Tammy. It has honestly changed my life. I have gone from feeling confused, lost, hurt, broken, angry, and grief-stricken to feeling completely the opposite. After my reading with Tammy, all those feelings are now gone. And I now understand why my son didn’t leave a note or anything. That in itself is more than I could have ever hoped to be answered for me. She is amazing—a blessing and very gifted. I can’t thank her or very soul enough. I am beyond grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for connecting me again with my child.”

Stephanie – USA

Jun 27, 2023


“She saw my dad so clearly and described so much that I knew it to be true.

My appointment exceeded my expectations. She was so thorough and gentle. She is so kind and brought in my dad so completely. With so much evidence and clear information. His personality and likes, etc. I love and miss him so much. It was a blessing to hear from him. Thank you for providing this way to connect.”

Debbie – USA

May 08, 2023


“Forever thankful

Very nice experience overall. Tammy was able to bring through meaningful connections and has helped me by providing deep loving messages. Forever thankful. Very calm demeanor, soothing voice, grounded energy.”

Susana – Portugal

May 10, 2023


“Overall, the session was positive and meaningful.

Kind and patient.”

Azza – USA

May 12, 2023


“Tammy has great compassion and genuinely wants to bring comfort through connecting with our loved ones.

Several minutes before my session, both my iPad and iPhone went haywire. Tammy brought through my Dad’s fun and jokester side. And how he enjoyed giving me signs and connecting with me. I told her after the reading about my Dad playing with my electronics, and sure enough, after my session both my phone and iPad righted themselves.”

Katty – USA

May 13, 2023


“Evidence based, positive experience

Multiple evidences, respectful, very patient with my questions, spiritually gifted.”

Chandni – USA

May 30, 2023


“Tammy was able to reach my sister, and I've been waiting many, many years to hear from her.

Grounded, kind, honest.”

Dee – USA

Apr 30, 2023


“Her understanding of connection at a heart level

Tammy perceived my husband and our deep relationship clearly and suggested ways that we can continue working together across the bridge.”

Margaret – USA

Apr 28, 2023


“Great experience

Thank you for your time today, Tammy. You have a gift and I appreciated you sharing it with me, my relatives who are in spirit, and my son. Tammy is approachable and kind. She really tried hard to connect with the number of family members who were trying to make contact with us.”

Katy – USA

Apr 28, 2023


“Personable and very professional

I enjoyed how Tammy was willing to explain what to expect with the session. It was neat to see as we got further into the session how the connections became more real to me. I also was fascinated by the picture that she sent to me after the session. She was calm, peaceful, and empathetic.”

Kristine – USA

Apr 28, 2023


“I felt immediately connected to Tammy Lee

This was a deeply moving and joyous experience, full of confirmation of the presence of spirit that I know now is always with me, even when my own energy slackens and I feel sad or alone. Her direct, ‘down to earth’ sincerity was so evident, I knew I could trust her openness to me and to spirits no longer in human form who want to communicate with me. I am so grateful for all that I have received. Thank you.”

Eleanor – USA

May 02, 2023


“A very positive experience that has offered me comfort and hope.

I have no doubt that Tammy connected with my son today and there were lots of validations, including a sign that I had asked for some weeks ago from my son and which turned up in today’s reading. We also had a small chat at the end of the reading which was very lovely. Thank you for your time Tammy, and for bringing me comfort and offering hope. I am very grateful. I valued her authenticity and gentleness.”

Fiona – Ireland

May 03, 2023


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