tammy lee anderson from healing wellness - spiritual medium

Spiritual Drawings Gallery

Facilitating Communication with Loved Ones in Spirit Through Artistic Mediumship

Tammy’s approach to bridging the physical and spiritual realms sometimes involves a unique practice of drawing.  She first started with simple sketches in her mediumship as a way to get into a flow state, to move out of her mind and into her heart. Tammy never drew portraits before and has done minimal drawing in her life, and early sketches reflected her lack of skill and training in drawing. Until one day when she was giving a communication for a mother who’s son is in spirit. His name is Jon, he spoke very clearly to her: “stop, turn the paper over and start over, and this time, relax, and let the energy flow, just let it come through you, don’t try, just let it flow”, it ended up he was an artist and he drew portraits ! to this day Tammy feels the presence and influence of Jon in her sketches and her mediumship, he continues to encourage her to relax and just let the energy flow.

What is truly remarkable is the striking resemblance often found between the sketches and photographs of departed loved ones that clients sometimes send after their sessions. This uncanny likeness serves as a powerful validation from loved ones in spirit that they are still right here. Tammy affirms this is spirit working through her, and gives full credit to those in spirit for the drawings.

Tammy extends an invitation to those interested in experiencing this intriguing form of mediumship; while there are no promises, she will set the intention to create a drawing during your session, offering the possibility of a profound connection between the physical and spiritual realms.