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I, Tammy Lee Anderson, am not a medical doctor and do not practice allopathic or any other form of medicine. I do not diagnose, cure, heal, treat disease, or otherwise prescribe medications. Any information presented in a session offered through this website is not meant to replace psychological, legal, medical, or other professional advice or services. For such issues, consult properly licensed healthcare professionals in your area. I recommend that clients continue to see their regular medical doctors and follow their advice.
Although I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Licensed in California only), I do not offer this service through this website. I practice in a pastoral/ministerial capacity only, and my work is spiritually and energetically based. All healing is self-healing. I offer Mediumship, Distant Energy Healing, and Wellness Counseling. I do not make any promises, warranties, or guarantees about the results of any of the sessions offered through this website. Each client is responsible for their own choices, actions, and interpretations of what is shared in each session offered through this website. By participating, you agree to take full responsibility and liability. Tammy Lee Anderson shall not be held liable for any action or inaction taken by the client in reference to the information presented during a session.
All sessions and events are for adults aged 18 years or older or with parental consent.